About Us

LIQID Medical is a clinical-stage medical device company focusing on addressing the need for effective, long-term solutions for glaucoma treatment. We specialise in developing lifelong implants targeting glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness.

Our work centres on leveraging the retrolaminar drainage pathway, a novel approach in biotechnology for glaucoma management. By utilising this pathway, we aim to redefine the landscape of glaucoma care, offering unparalleled efficacy and quality-of-life improvements for patients.

We are developing two core devices that address the challenges of severe and refractory glaucoma. LIQID Medical is confident in transforming the lives of glaucoma patients and setting a new benchmark in ophthalmic care.

Our Implants

Rendered Image

The QMAX is designed to fill a gap in the market for
a highly effective glaucoma device which does not
rely on the traditional subconjunctival drainage

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The QFLOW harnesses the traditional fluid drainage
pathway, using innovative design with the goal of
reducing surgical operating times, costs and


The LIQID Medical QMAX and QFLOW devices are investigational and not available for sale or use in the United States.

Re-defining the treatment of glaucoma