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LIQID Medical is a medical technology company pioneering novel devices designed to eliminate glaucoma



Dr. Daemon McClunan is a multiple award-winning eye specialist who has pioneered the elimination of glaucoma through subarachnoid shunting since 2015.


Dr McClunan founded LIQID Medical in 2017 to facilitate the commercial development of devices which leverage this revolutionary concept.

About us


Driven by the need to overcome the challenges of existing glaucoma therapies, LIQID Medical is pioneering the revolutionary concept of oculosubarachnoid shunting.


Oculosubarachnoid shunting offers the potential for a safe, predictable and highly effective glaucoma treatment solution without the complications associated with bleb creation. Oculosubarachnoid shunting is also the only treatment able to eliminate translaminar pressure. Research indicates that this holds the key to definitively preventing glaucoma.

Our work has led to multiple scientific awards and the development of highly innovative and patented ophthalmic devices. The OptiShunt and iPortVR have the potential to redefine the treatment paradigm for glaucoma.

In 2019, LIQID Medical initiated the first-in-man glaucoma treatment by oculosubarachnoid shunt insertion pilot study, the GOSSIP study. The GOSSIP study has been conducted according to ISO14155 standards at Groote Schuur tertiary academic hospital. Current 3-month trial results demonstrate that oculosubarachnoid shunting is safe and highly effective in reducing mean intraocular pressure and the number of medications used by patients.


75% reduction in mean IOP

41mmHg -> 10mmHg

LIQID Medical is privately held and based in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is emerging as a major technology hub and the South African medical device industry conforms to the highest international standards since the implementation of strict SAHPRA regulations. 

Our experienced and capable team remains focused on revolutionising the treatment of glaucoma for the benefit of patients, physicians and healthcare systems around the world.

Glaucoma remains a leading cause of blindness worldwide, affecting over 70 million people


Dr Daemon McClunan, Founder

mobile: +27 (0)84 604 7600

location: Cape Town, South Africa

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